Each of my clients comes to tidying with their own story, their own history, their own stuff. Many of them have similar revelations, experiences, or insights, but each and every client in transformed in their own way…

Eva brought organization to my life and household that I didn’t know I could get back. She expertly worked with me on understanding what it means to love something enough to need it in my life. My house feels more like a home thanks to her!
— Craig
Finally getting the push and direction to tidy up my living space has been extraordinarily worthwhile. I find that living with such precision and care has significantly reduced the stress I experience in my life.
— David
My experience with Eva was very enlightening. I view taking care of my personal belongings with a renewed sense of purpose. I was amazed to see that the simple task of carefully folding clothes can be a spiritual practice that is relaxing and therapeutic.
— Deb
Eva made the experience of reclaiming an cluttered and disorganized home a truly joyful experience. Who knew choosing to part with clothes and books could be fun and meaningful, instead of just hard work! I love how easy it is to choose my outfit to wear each morning, now that I can find ALL my clothes effortlessly. Her folding techniques are magical!
— Laura
I had a very relaxing and comforting experience all around. I didn’t feel pushed to do anything I didn’t want to do, and I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders afterward.
— Blake
I feel so peaceful and content with my belongings now. Eva did a great job helping organize my home and my thoughts about how to maintain my remaining stuff!
— Marian