Live a Life That
Sparks Joy


Eva Linn, owner of Surprised by Joy LLC, is a Certified KonMari Consultant. She helps individual people transform their lives by de-cluttering and tidying their homes once and for all using the KonMari Method™ popularized in the New York Times bestselling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and as seen on Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix.
Eva offers organization without judgement, and helps you create a home that sparks joy…and stays that way!



Set a vision for your ideal life. Where do you live? What do you enjoy? With whom do you share you life?

This is the most important step when tidying your home. When you set an intention for your work you create a direction which forges a path. You will spend the first hour of the first session discussing your life and your home, and then Eva will help you answer the question: what is your ideal life?


Begin by discarding first, completely and totally, once-and-for-all. Work by category, not location, and in the proper order.

First, you take out every single item of one category, starting with clothing. Picture your bed covered in all of your tops. Then, one by one, you pick up each top and hold it up. What do you feel about the top? Is this a top that you grab first every time you do your laundry? Does this top spark joy? If it sparks joy, keep it! For any item that does not spark joy, you discard it with care and a moment of gratitude. Then, on to the next top.

Begin with clothing, then books, then papers, then miscellaneous items (don’t worry, Eva will help you sort these into categories!), then sentimental items.

Working by category means every item in your home is a part of the process, and you get an idea of the true amount of items in each category. Tidying by category helps you hone your sense of joy. It is much easier to make a decision about a pair of pants compared to your family photographs (we leave those until the end!).


Give each item a home. Focus on making a space that sparks joy and feels peaceful.

If an item sparks joy for you, there is room for it in your home! After de-cluttering you will see space start to emerge in your home, and then you can decide where things live in your home. Remember, when tidying every home is temporary. New spaces emerge, and maybe the cabinet that once held all the cooking utensils you never seemed to use is better filled with all of your favorite mugs for drinking hot chocolate with your friends.


A clutter-free home demands very little of you. Sit. Relax. Breathe. This is the space for rest, creativity, and readiness… to be surprised by joy.


Why do this with someone trained in the KonMari Method™ rather than on my own?

Honestly…tidying up everything you own is hard!

Having a partner means accountability, honesty, and speed. You will tidy faster and more thoroughly with a partner, and you are for more likely to complete the process (meaning no rebound!).

Eva helps you create your vision for your ideal home and keeps you focused on the end goal whenever you feel lost or overwhelmed by mess. Eva is a Certified KonMari™ Consultant and is ready to walk with you and guide you through the process. She builds on her years of successful teaching to empower and encourage you which makes the process more enjoyable.

Who is Eva Linn?

Photo Taken by Ryan Soule @dismantle_th3sun

Photo Taken by Ryan Soule @dismantle_th3sun

Eva Linn is a passionate musician/educator and formerly overwhelmed mother of three young children. Eva began tidying her own home when her family moved to New England in the Spring of 2017. She was startled at how much junk came out of their family closets, cabinets, and drawers when packing to move, and she knew most of was unnecessary. Since finishing tidying her home, Eva's life is completely different. She finally begins and ends each day the way she always dreamed...calm, focused, and full of gratitude.

Eva decided to become a KonMari™ Consultant when the 5th coworker said, "You're so good at organization, are you sure you can't come to my house to help ME?" She is currently a Green Certified KonMari™ Consultant.